Layered Lights



Humanity is never something that can be described from a single point of view. Rather, its essence can only be reached by approaching it from multiple perspectives. The same can be said of the “existence” of things. Whether it is a human being or an object, its “existence” is determined relatively in the context of various relationships. In other words, each being resonates with each other and exists together. I think it is important to pay attention to this mutability in order to grasp the essence of things.

Therefore, I began to recreate the fluidity of things with my own hands, using familiar objects. I “see” these variations through the lens of a camera, take “photographs” of them, and arrange them. In doing so, I began to see the interconnectedness of the elements within the image and the interconnectedness between the images. And in these correlations, I could catch a glimpse of the “existence” of things.